Leprechauns like to take your money

On our search for luck and fortune in Ireland, we found quite the opposite. We heard some things that Dublin was an expensive city but then we find out upon arrival that some consider it the most expensive city and even country in Europe.

Since we are on a tight budget to make sure our money takes us far we really had to watch where we spent our money.

All things considering though, the Irish people we have met have been some of the nicest people we have ever met. All very cheery, and have no problem at all to help you out. Well, expect for the shuttle bus driver at the Newgrange who didn’t let Scott on the bus with his coffee. “Read the sign! No Food or Drink!” When yet he lets these 3 girls on with chips and pop.

Also the country is beautiful, especially if you manage to get out to the countryside. Miles of green pastures all separated by stonewalls. But watch the roads! A two-lane road is about the width of 1 lane back in Canada. No joke! There isn’t even a shoulder most of the time. Just stonewalls or trees/bushes. It’s quite the white-knuckle drive! Not for the faint of heart!!

The Internet has been spotty for us out here. Our first hostel had free wifi but the signal was weak and would time out. Then it just be too expensive to use. 1 euro or pound for only 20 mins! Half the time is spent waiting for the wifi signal to connect or waiting for the crappy PC to load a screen. We have a pile of stories and photos to share and will upload them when we have a decent connection.

Next stop, Liverpool!

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