Le Jardin Guesthouse and Phuket, the Good, Bad and the Ugly.

Please note, we were given a discount at Le Jardin as we exchanged a review for a discount. That being said, this is an honest review.

Pool at Le Jardin, Phuket
Beautiful pool at Le Jardin to spend many days around.

Once we had our Thai visa’s we grabbed a cheap flight from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket, Thailand so we could be on the western side of the country. We heard that Patong Beach was one of the nicest on the island, and decided that we’d stay for 2 or 3 days before moving on to relax. It’s surprising how much more expensive Phuket is compared to the rest of Thailand. We can usually get a budget room anywhere from 300 – 900 baht with AC, the more expensive in Bangkok. But Phuket is really a resort town much like Cancun in Mexico, and all prices were 1500 baht – 120,000 or more. Luckily we found Le Jardin who was not too expensive and had free wifi in the air-conditioned rooms.

Le Jardin bungalows in Phuket, Thailand
With lots of plants and bushes it feels like a large home garden. Very relaxing.
Le Jardin loft, Phuket
Each unit is a different. This 2 bedroom loft is perfect for a family.
Bar and living room in Le Jardin, Phuket
Units have living rooms and hotplates to cook food

Le Jardin is a privately owned guesthouse that prefers long term rentals with many people returning for 3-6 months each year to escape the winters back home, and it feels like a community exists here. Each night a large group of whom we assume are regulars gather together to eat dinner with each other and spend days relaxing around a pool. it’s close enough to walk into town but most of the people rent scooters or take one of the motorbike taxis waiting just outside the entrance. If you do stay at Le Jardin, you can expect every single room to be quite nice with comfortable beds and pillows (becoming our new pre-requesitite of guesthouses), a small living room, outside porch area and don’t forget about their free wifi that’s actually pretty fast! It was a great place for us to stay and we ended up staying for almost a week. It was mostly to catch up on our blog and relax, because it’s tough to get fast wifi in Thailand and having in the middle of a hot day a pool is the perfect thing to cool off in.

Patong Beach speedo gone wrong
We don’t understand the speedo. It’s a Speedon’t in our books.

It really was where we were staying that made us stay in Phuket for so long. I can see why Patong Beach is popular, the water on the beach is amazingly warm, the sand feels like baby powder under your feet and the mountains that surround the beach in a big U make it a popular postcard. But the other side of the coin is that the beach is completely filled with rentable chairs and umbrellas, beer stands and massage huts, high speed boats towing tourists behind in a parachute, jet ski’s and coral that has long vanished. There’s thousands of the people on the beach, and it’s certainly not private. Add in the fact that everything is triple the price compared to other islands in Thailand, we wouldn’t go back again. There’s so many beaches on other islands that have 10 or 100 people on them and are just as nice, with amazing snorkelling right off the beach.

Welded predator in Phuket
Another one of the welded metal sculptures. Predator looks badass.

If you do decided to stay in Patong Beach, Phuket, give Le Jardin a ring. The pillows are soft, beds are comfortable and the owner and staff are super friendly. I hope you liked this review of Le Jardin guesthouse, we always like to read first hand reviews about good places to stay in cities that we’re going to. Simone the owner is an amazing French lady who has lived an exciting life, although it is one filled with serial killers….

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