Kids say the darndest things!

We received a cute letter from our nephew Michael last night.

It reads:

To Auntie Deidra and uncle Scott hope you have a great trip around the world for a hole year you wont be able to s us at Christmas eve are you also going to Arcata that place even by looking at its cold my mom wanted to go to Ireland Scotland and England I get to play soccer base ball I’m already practicing I love sports I also want to travel around the world I want to go to Africa austraila I like hot places ill try try to get good grades at school say hi to grandma and grandpa on Friday im going on a field trip love Michael

Michael… thank you for your kind letter. We will miss you. Especially at Christmas time. But we will be sure to keep you and everyone in our thoughts and send you all postcards from the many places we plan to go. We are not going to Antarctica as much like you we also like hot places! If things work out right we should be experiencing summer for an entire year!

We are glad to hear you are playing soccer and base ball. We will have to come watch one of your games when we get back.

If you do travel the world one day we will be sure to give you lots of tips from our own experience!

Hope you had a fun field trip and good luck in school!

Love Auntie Dee and Uncle Scott

PS: Be sure to email us pictures of yourself while we are away! See you in a year!

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