K-OS Karma Tour

k-os-yes-promoWe try to not go out and do too much these days in order to save money for the trip.  Just our luck, we find out K-Os is coming to town. But, much to our surprise the concert is well within our budget!! 

K-os is a Canadian musician who produces music in a variety of different sounds and genres including, but not limited to rap, funk, hip-hop, reggae, and rock. He focuses on promoting a positive message in his lyrics while at the same time is known to criticize the mainstream hip hop culture’s obsession with money, fame and violence. 

He recently released a new album called “Yes!” in April 2009 and has done some amazing original work in regards to promoting it. First of all, before the album was released K-os held a contest in which he provided the public with 11 tracks from the album to be remixed. All submitted remixes were then voted on by fans and the winning songs will be put on an album called “Yes It Is Yours (Fan Remixed Album)”. Each winner was also rewarded $1000. 

The second thing K-os is doing has me extremely excited for tonight! He is touring across Canada with his “Karma Tour”. But this isn’t your regular buy tickets in advance, pay high service fees type of tour. Instead it’s entirely free for anyone to get in! (on a first come first serve basis of course) Then, inside the concert will be areas you can donate money to charity.

I think this a great idea and makes me think even more highly of K-os. With the state that the world economy is in, what a perfect way to help ease the stress of it all, show everyone a good time, put them in a good mood and maybe get some money for charity while your at it. AWESOME.  

Extra Bonus: Rogers customers are offered guaranteed access into the concerts. All you have to do is sign up your number, and then you get tickets text messaged to your phone. Bring your phone to the concert, show them the barcode in the text message and voila your in without having to wait around in line all day! 

If you are a Roger’s customer and want to try and get guaranteed access to the concert in your city click on this website to sign up.

Anyways, our free concert with guaranteed access is tonight!!! Have a great weekend everyone!
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