Jungle Worship

Before I get to the Jungle Worship… my first order of business is to announce our Liverpool pictures are uploaded to Flickr.

Check them out by clicking on this awesome hot link that will send you to flickr land.

We’ve used PictoBrowser in the recent past to show the photos as a gallery within our posts but found the site was taking to long to load… We are on the hunt for some new photo plugins. Please give us any feedback or suggestions you have on how we should handle our photos.

Okay…. On to the Jungle Worship!

We headed to London just for 1 night to attend a Hospitality Night at Matter Nightclub.

We have been hearing about these nights back in Canada for many years and have always dreamed of attending one… finally we had our chance! London was only a short train ride away from Liverpool.

Not to our surprise the night was everything we expected and more. Matter Nightclub is one of the best venues we have ever step foot in, the music was great, the people were all so very happy to be there, not a frown in the entire club! Even the bar staff and security were smiling and grooving to the music.  The only thing missing from the night was having some friends by our side to share the experience. Low and behold… we find out there is another Hospitality Night slated for Sept 4th. Which means we can attend again with our friends Karen and Steve who are meeting up with us in August! Tickets are already bought!

Hospitality is an event hosted by the Hospital Records label which consists of these following producers and DJ’s of drum & bass music: London Elektricity, High Contrast, Nu:Tone, Cyantific, Logistics, Danny Byrd, Mistabishi, Future Sound of Cambridge, and Q-Project.

Their sound is a softer, funkier, and more soulful side of Drum & Bass music which is known as Liquid Funk. Trying looking some of the artists up and see if you like it. Many people who don’t like typical drum & bass music because it’s too fast, hard, aggressive, dark, etc actually really like this sound. I love to listen to it most while driving in my car. Especially during rush hour Vancouver traffic. It’s upbeat, happy and uplifting with a very positive message.

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