I took a risk and I like it

A few months ago I posted on here about my hair dilemma.  I decided then that having bangs for the trip was not a good idea. But, since then I have grown more and more hatred for my all the same length hair…. because it was not the same length no matter what I tried to do! I have these stupid little fine baby hairs that have a mind of their own.

As you can see in this picture. I don’t have bangs and my hair is tied back.. yet I have this baby hair in the front that well… drives me crazy!

Day 26 - Blah

If I had my hair down the problem is not so apparent and actually looks pretty good.

Day 27 - Bring on the family

But I know I will be pulling my hair back lots on the trip! Only solution I could think of was to HIDE the silly baby hairs with bangs! And not the longer side swept bangs as I have had those before and know they would be too much of a hassle on the trip. So low and behold…. I took the risk and went for full on bangs! 

Day 40 - i'm diggin' it

I’m really enjoying them! And of course I’m really enjoying the color and new length as-well. 

During those times when a shower is not so assessable and my bangs start to get that greasy look I can do 1 of 2 things. 

1) Hide them under a cute wide headband

2) Use this powder in my hair which soaks up oil. Tried this method already and it works great! Greasy bangs transform to fluffy bangs within seconds. 


They will get longer and into my eyes… Maybe I’ll pack some scissors and do it myself? However that might be a problem with carry on…. Or I can just go into any place and ask them to trim my bangs a bit when needed. Even if there is a language barrier I can’t see that being too hard to explain….

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