I feel so adult

officepaperwork600Last night I spent 3 hours of my life sorting out receipts, filling out forms, and stuffing envelopes. Made me think of those movies with the typical scene of the Dad sitting in his office frowning and sorting out the bills while the child is trying to get his attention. “Look Dad! Look! I painted a picture for you!” and the Dad gets upset and yells at the kid.

I can totally understand how they get so frustrated! Organizing paper work and filling out forms can get pretty daunting and if you make a mistake for the umpteenth time in a row it can really get to you. However it’s still no excuse to yell at your kid when all they want to show you is a gift they made for you!

None the less, the task is completed!! Passports applications are now finally done (YAY!!!) and are in a couriers hand as I speak. Also I have sent off medical benefit claims for our prescriptions, chiropractors and massages from last year. Plus got some miscellaneous bills paid.

I’m looking forward to getting our money back for the medical benefits and putting it in our “Dreams & Wishes” trip saving box.

This weekend is Scott’s birthday celebrations filled with some Lost watching, Cosmic Encounters board game action, friends, a hockey game with free box seats (which also means free booze and food) then after head over to Shah Saturday with Psidream (which is cheap!! $6), and watching the new movie Coraline in 3D on sunday.

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