I feel like I ate a dutch person

I am not a huge fan of straight up mint. If it’s mint mixed with something else I’ll usually like it. Like chocolate mint in all it’s many delicious forms from candies to cookies to ice cream. Or bubble-mint gum is actually my favorite gum flavor. But straight up just mint makes me cringe. So, I’m always on the hunt for a flavored tooth paste. 

I always have lots of luck with the vanilla mint varieties and just recently had luck with green tea mint. But to my dismay every time I need a new tube of toothpaste, the flavor I just fell in love with is not in stock anymore and I have to resort to getting used to a new taste sensation. 

That orange flavor one is always in stock for some reason… and of course that has to be one of the flavors I don’t enjoy! It just tastes fake to me and makes me think I’m brushing my teeth with orange infused spray cleaner.

My most recent toothpaste purchase is Tom’s of Maine Natural Toothpaste – Cream de Anise. When I saw this thought to myself… “Sounds gourmet, it must be good!”

I try it out and to my great surprise it tastes like Dutch candy….. 

I don’t like Dutch candy!!! I have never liked black licorice and the majority of dutch candy tastes like black licorice. Wish I knew before I made my purchase that Star Anise is actually a spice used to make black licorice.

Luckily Scott likes Dutch Candy and says the toothpaste is not bad. So at least it won’t go to waste. But currently to brush my teeth I have the choice of straight up mint or Dutch Candy. Guess I must really hate straight up mint as I picked the Cream de Anise flavor this morning. 

Maybe I’ll continue to use it and try to get myself used to the taste so when we do get to Holland I can actually eat a dutch candy without spitting it out.





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