Hugging Giraffes in Thailand’s Safari Park

Why hello there? Would you like a hug?

Being skilled in graphics I can usually tell a photo-chopped image when I see one. So when I saw an image of tourists hugging a giraffe on a tour sandwich board I almost didn’t believe the photos were real. I remembered the name of the tour and made sure to google it the moment we got back to our guesthouse. Low and behold, the images were real! Tourists are actually HUGGING giraffes and feeding them in Thailand of all places! There was no way we could pass this opportunity up. Something I never expected from our trip. To actually hug a giraffe!

Off to Safari Park we went. It must not be a very popular tourist attraction as there was only us and another couple going on the day we booked. We had the whole park to ourselves, except for some school children who were having a ceremony in the middle of the grounds. Since we were the only ones there we were allowed to take photos with the animals for free.

But the best was still to come! Time to get on the safari bus with buckets of corn in our hands and hungry hungry animals just waiting to eat it. Our safari bus took us through some various animal pens including deer, tigers, lions, and bears. With strict rules to only feed the deer and keep our hands inside the bus when we went by any carnivores.
and bears! Oh my!!
Then the victory lap finally arrive, we were entering the giraffe pen and they were already at the gate just waiting for us to drive on in. We didn’t even drive 10 feet ahead until various giraffes were sticking their long necks into the bus searching for the food. You would be feeding one giraffe and the next thing you know there is one sneaking behind you and stealing food right out of the bucket!
Knock Knock.. I heard you have some food.
And the giraffe wins the longest tongue contest hands down!
Say Cheese!!! =)
Om nom nom
Quicker then anyone could expect the food was scarfed down by the giraffes and it was time to head back to Kanchanaburi. But just so they don’t feel left out, there are zebras and llamas that like to eat your offerings too.
Please don’t forget us! We like food too!

Check out the rest of our pics from Safari Park by clicking an image below

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