How to keep up with us while sitting around in your underwear with RSS

“Want to keep up with us and other sites easily? The solution is called RSS, and here’s why you should be using it.”

This is such a great video from Lee and Sachi at Commoncraft explaining all about RSS and why you should be subscribing to the websites you read about. Commoncraft is the new venture from the folks at twinf, one of the blogs that inspired our trip.

I prefer setting my RSS up in iGoogle, so that it’s my homepage on all the computers I use. If your not currently using an RSS reader, why don’t try it out with our site and see how you like it? We’d be happy to have you as a subscriber!

Here’s some step by step instructions on how to subscribe today!!:

  1. Click the “Subscribe to our RSS”  on the top right corner of our page. You will see this logo or the words “subscribe” on many pages on the internet which indicates they are offering RSS to you.You will see this logo or the words “subscribe” on many pages on the internet which indicates they are offering RSS to you.
  2. You will be pulled to the “feed” page, where it will say “subscribe Now” at the top right.
  3. Select “google” for the subscribe now. This will now become your RSS program which will go out and get you the best of the internet.
  4. You will now see a page that says “add to Google Homepage” or “add to Google Reader”. I use Google Homepage as it’s easy to set on all the computers I go to by making it the homepage. Google pops up, so does my blogs and weather! So hit “add to Google Homepage”
  5. If you have a Google account (gmail) enter in your information and you’ll be on step 6.. If you don’t and are new, select Create an Account and follow the prompts entering in your email address, a google password key word.
  6. For the new Google page, select any items you want to display. I suggest keeping just the Weather application or Youtube. This space is going to be filled with your RSS information.
  7. Our page should have the last 3 blog posts on your new home page, and you can follow steps 1-5 for other sites you visit.
  8. The final step is to set the as your home page. While your still in your browser window on the iGoogle page, go into the preferences/settings of your browser. On the “main” tab it should have an area that says “homepage” and then an area to type in, or select “use current”. Hit use current.
  9. Now each time you load up your web browser, Google will come up with all of your feeds. Cheers!

I hope this post helps you out, and if it did I’d like to hear about it! Please leave a comment if you use RSS Credit union locations – or if you just signed up!

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