Hair Dilemma

Most girls go through the driving conundrum of bangs or no bangs…. I went through this awhile ago and went with the decision to cut them. Since then my bangs drove me nuts. They have just finally gotten long enough that I can get them back into a pony tail and couldn’t be happier about it.

But can you believe I just starting having that thought process again on cutting my bangs?!?

I feel this itch to go get myself a new hair style. I’ve been living with a really simple do for some time and have not seen a salon for about a year. Instead I just get Scott to dye my hair when it needs it.

However, knowing that there are going to be times during our trip that I won’t be able to shower as often as I liked to means that having a real simple hair style is key. Especially if your hair is like mine and turns oily and greasy real easy. I’m going to want to pull it back in a pony tail or bun, or just hide it under a hat/bandanna. I won’t be able to accomplish this if I get some crazy new hair style.

This means that cutting my bangs again is a bad idea. There is no way they will grow back in time and will just end up driving me crazy.

So what else can I do really?  I don’t want to cut my hair short as that just opens the gate of needing to get my hair cut often. Again, not a good thing for trying to save money or for a RTW trip.

Guess I will just stick with my simple do and figure out a way to kill this itch… Maybe it’s time for a new hair color.

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