Good Times Have Been Had!!

And there is oh so many more to go!

Well, as some of your might of noticed… Scott and I are EXTREMELY far behind in our blog postings. Our anniversary in Venice was on August 5. That makes this blog 2 months behind. Holy crap!

We have been some busy travelers. But now we have slowed down to an almost halt. Our friends have flown back to Canada and our Eurail passes have expired. So, we are back in Baden Baden for awhile and staying in my relatives guest apartment which has a constant internet connection. (something we didn’t come across too often in our travels)

It’s now time to immerse ourselves in a bunch of good for you R’s. Relax, Recharge, and more importantly research! With Europe now a been there done that concept it’s time to figure out our next leg of adventures. Shall we go to Eygpt? India? S.E. Asia? All would be nice but Europe really took a bite out of our budget…. thus why we have taken a mandatory pitstop so we can really look everything over and make some smart decisions.

Guess what this means for you the reader! It means we are also going to take this down time opportunity to catch ourselves up on this blog. So stay tuned for great stories, photos and video coming up real quick.

Some topics to tap your finger and wait for:

  • Getting Creeped out in Vienna
  • Mountain Climbing in Prague
  • Pumping Muscles in Brussels
  • Participating in our own “Tour de France”
  • Our thoughts to Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver, and Steve Jobs
  • Essential Clean Ups in London
  • A Sanctuary that Belongs to the Cats
  • Oktoberfest Insanity
  • The beautiful under belly of Berlin
  • and so much more!!
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