Glimpse of the Underground

We were lucky enough to get info to an underground party here in Vancouver’s East Side last friday. “Technically,” it is the first party we have ever attended like this… what a feeling! The night was insane! 

Our directions were very loose. On this street, 2 block south of that street then down the alley sort of thing. Don’t hang around, go straight inside, no inside outs, and when you leave, don’t mill around. Just go. Once your in, watch the walls and it’s very dark inside. Have fun.

When we arrived we actually had to dodge some cops for a bit. They were at the other end of the alley busting up some crack deal. So, we just wandered around the block until they drove away.

The music was amazing. Everyone was super lax and having a wicked time. And the actual location was fun to explore.

These days all night parties are very legit with permits and held in bars. Or, if your lucky art spaces, dance studios, and other unique trendy locales that normally rent their space out for various events. You always hear people talk of the good old days, the days with info lines, loose directions with check points, listening for the bass to find the building,  and the fear that at any moment the party could be shut down.

Some of you may be wondering why I put technically in quotations… others of you know why. Let’s just say… we’ve never attended something like this but instead we’ve been the one “behind the scenes” so to speak….

Anyways… attending this party has intrigued my mind in wonder and excitement about Europe’s own underground scene. I hear there is one and hope we can meet the right people to get in on it!

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