Gift of Inspiration

Dream Present

Special thanks to Scott’s Step Mom, Laurie, for sending us this nice little surprise in the mail! 


It now sits on our fireplace mantle under the TV. A place where we will see it every day. Each time I look at it I get a little smile and inspiration to work on achieving our dream! 

The best gifts are the random ones that are spotted when you least expect it, then add on an extra bonus to receive it in the mail! 

Lost are the days of sending a simple letter, postcard or small gift in the mail to show that you are thinking of someone. So, when you do actually receive something that’s not a bill it’s brings such happiness! In a way the internet has taken this simple joy away from us, but on the flip side it makes the times when you do receive a little something in the mail even more special. 

We hope to send random postcards or small trinkets to friends and family during our trip. If we see something that really makes us think of someone then why not send that item to them? Or if a city just screams that a certain someone would love it there then we hope to send them a post card to let them know.

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