Getting golden travel tips from other travelers

Chiang Pai, Thailand

One of the reasons we started this blog was to help pay it forward. The travel tips, inspiration and cool places to go for other travelers. I remember the first travel blog I read, The World is Not Flat by Lee and Sachi LeFever.. After reading their travels for the first time it really made it seem possible to do in my mind.

I read many other peoples travel blogs while we were traveling. When I read Gillian and Jason’s report of Soppong and the Cave Lodge I decided we had to go check it out!

Cave Lodge - Soppong, Thailand

I really loved Chiang Pai and Soppong in Thailand, they were some of the most beautiful, relaxed and adventurous places in Thailand. The vendors really didn’t push hard and Pai is more of an artists hangout than anything with hilltribes surrounding it. Because it’s a crazy 5 hour 500 turn journey from Chiang Mai, it doesn’t get as many travelers and maintains a smaller town feel. It’s all designed for tourists, but you can get out of the town center and see beautiful countryside and get a feeling of being “off the beaten path” – as much as that’s really possible in a tourist area.

Chiang Pai, Thailand

I just heard that Ryan and Liz from Pause The Moment are in Chiang Pai and liked my recommendation! I’m glad to be able to pay it forward after receiving great advice from Gillian about the area.

What about you? How do you figure out where you go while traveling? Do you value the advice of blogs over guidebooks? Is there one site that’s inspired you?

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