Furry Friday #9: Happy Birthday!

This weeks furry friday is dedicated to a long time furry friend of mine who just celebrated his birthday on the 10th. Someone I hold very special to my heart, someone who is a hero in my eyes, and someone who makes me laugh. We’ve spent many a years with each other, through thick and thin and I feel lucky to share my life experiences with them. This furry friend is none other then our infamous Scott!!

Those that know Scott know how great a person he is, even with his furry beard and chest, and we all know how much he deserves the best in life. Please join me is wishing him all that he deserves!

Sun & Bass 2009

So. here is a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Scott!

We spent Scott’s birthday on the 10th in Chaing Pai, Thailand. Rented a couple retro style scooters and bummed around the country roads stopping at waterfalls, coffee shops, and even a stop to buy some black market thai moonshine with a secret password to the non english speaking guy and all. The day ended with a relaxing soak in a natural hot spring, and then some dinner followed by too many shots of said moonshine!


For anyone that feels the kindest heartfelt need to send some love and appreciation to Scott in the form of a gift, the easiest way to do this while we are abroad is to send him some money.

Email money transfer it to: scott@dreamalittledream.ca

or if you can’t email money transfer for whatever reason you can use your credit card through our:

PAYPAL donation. Just click below or on the icon in our sidebar and fill out the form!

Thanks! Your money will be put to good use! Your money could help Scott in purchasing himself a hammock similar to the one you see him enjoying in this birthday post from last year. Or it could be used to help us go on a tour like, jungle trekking with elephants to a hill tribe, tubing in Laos, thai cooking classes, more scooter rentals, etc etc, the possibilities are endless! Please feel free to state how you like your hard earn dollars to be used.

PS: While your at it… my birthday is in one month from now, on March 9th. Something to think about!! πŸ˜‰

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