Furry Friday #7: Do we know you?

Welcome to Furry Friday #7, this weeks tale of a furry friend we have met during our travels comes from one of our favorite places in Germany.

It was an almost brisk and beautiful autumn day in Baden-Baden, Germany. We were taking a peaceful stroll through the park, admiring the fall colors and crunching the leaves. I remember thinking to myself how I missed our cats and just then we hear a meowing in the distance and turn around. Up the hill was a wee cat running towards us like a scene out of Baywatch, it’s run turning from a gentle pace into a speedy race. He finally reached us and screamed out:

“Oh my god, I can’t believe I found you guys!”

He acted just like we knew him and it’s been years since we seen him. Full of purrs, desperate need of pets, and wanting to play. We didn’t have the heart to tell him we had no idea who he was.


Baden-Baden, Germany 

So we gave him pets..

Baden-Baden, Germany

And played some twig games.

Baden-Baden, Germany

As you can see, he was extremely happy for all this love and attention.


And then the next thing we knew… he vanished back into the forest. Never to be seen again.

Wonder what that was about?

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