Furry Friday #6 – Start of a New Decade

Happy New Year Everyone!

To start off a new decade we would like to dedicate this Furry Friday to a beautiful couple we know. They traveled for 37 hours to come spend a quick 6 days of quality time together over the New Year holiday.


Meet Alex and Heather! 

We have related Alex to an alligator for a while. It just seemed like the right thing to do. Even though his skin is nowhere as tough as an alligator, he can lay dormant and docile for hours and then all of a suddenly surprise you with a sassy oh no you didn’t kind of attitude to the right sort of person when they really deserve it. Because we all know, if an alligator attacks a person they deserved it as they were the stupid idiot to go near one! Everyone is intrigued in some sort of a way by an alligator and Alex to us is truly one amazing friend to us; Unique, funny, caring, entertaining, and surprising.

As for Heather, here is a girl that is at one with the ostrich. She’s a tall and lanky girl with a bid of an oddness that you just can’t help to love. She’s got a pair of legs that have a mean kick, makes some of the best sounds and keeps to herself unless you really ruffle her feathers and then she will come after you ready with a head butt.

Anyways, it’s hard thing to envision these two creatures coming together to form one beautiful and perfect relationship… but we sure don’t want to ever see what goes on in the bedroom!!



Anyways, much love and thanks to our fantastic friends Alex and Heather. New Years was great to celebrate with you even though our few days together all went by way too quick. But the days are filled with lasting memories. We feel very honored you traveled so far and for so long just to see us. Looking forward to when we get to see each other almost daily again. We miss you already.

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