Furry Friday #4: The infamous Pamplemousse

Wow, Furry Friday sure sneaks up fast on us! But finally after we have all waited we have our interview completed with the infamous Pamplemousse! Pamplemousse is our friends Karen and Steve’s cat, who we got to hang out with for a bit during our quick visit to Calgary for a wedding before we set off on our adventure.

So here is our email interview with him:

Sure I looks all innocent here…

Name: Pamplemousse of Cranston
Gender: Male
From: The Ghetto
Most Prized Possession(s): Carrot Bags, Q-tips, Any thing Shaped like a mouse.
Favorite Hobby: Biting, Being Chased.
Favorite Place(s): The neighbors front garden, My cat bed.
Three Random Facts About Yourself:
1. If it is designed for a cat I don’t want it.
2. Similarily, if it is NOT for me I’ll be all over it!
3. I love water but only if it is in your glass or hidden in my secret water spot

Who Me?

DVS: So, What’s up with a name like Pamplemousse?
P: From where I come from it is the most distinguished of names. Only the best trouble makers are given a name like this!

DVS: How did you choose your human slaves?
P: Once the word was out that I was around there was a large line of slaves that were willing to take me in, However these specific fools listen to a delightful type of music that helps me fall asleep (as if I needed more help with that)

This is how I show my appreciation to the woman slave

DVS: We hear your a Jerk sometimes, kind of like an evil emperor from Star Wars sort of deal, causing shit at every turn you can… What’s the deal with this? Are you an evil creature from a far away place or what?
P: I might be………… However, if I were to truly answer this question I would have to KILL you…..

Doing what I do best

DVS: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
P: I see a long life of knocking objects off high points, chasing colourful mice and occasionally sleeping on the woman slave at night.

DVS: Anything else you might want to add to share to everyone across the world?
P: I am Pamplemousse hear me ROAR!!!

Set lasers to KILL!

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