Furry Friday #3: Are we in the Matrix?

Things have been pretty rough this past week… internet connection is going up and down and up and down to a combination of solar and/or generator power issues and the satellite. So once again we did not get our interview over to the now very infamous Pamplemousse. We’ve been spending our time sitting on a beach, playing cards and meeting new friends.

I can already feel Pamplemousse’s fury of anger from here… please don’t fret! The email is really on it’s way!! We promise! 😉


Do Not Enter
Okay its not a furry friend, but just wait! Read on!

We were wondering along the romantic cobble stone streets of Riga, Latvia. Going past little old stone building after little old stone building. All of them are built right up next to each other with barely any gaps or greenery between. Suddenly, we came across a big opening that was protected by a very old and rusty gate as seen above. What was beyond this gate looked quite out of place, an old abandoned building that did not match any of the Riga’s beautiful architecture.


Matrix Cat
Anything look familiar in this picture to you?

Instantly, as Scott and I spied the black and white cat through the gate we both got the feeling we have seen this before… Anyone seen the movie the Animatrix? Remember the one were a girl follows her run away cat into an abandoned building that is claimed to be “haunted” but it’s actually just a glitch in the Matrix that causes all the weird stuff to happen there.

Yup, we meet Uki the cat from the short Animatrix film, “Beyond”, and once again reminded ourselves to think….

Are we really here?

Until next week…. keep your furry friends close and the furrier ones even closer!

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