Furry Friday 26: Backpackers with a furry heart of gold

Vang Viang, Laos

Vang Viang, Laos

This two cute little guys were also living at “The Otherside Bungalows” in Vang Viang, Laos. The black and white one loved to come hang out at the sitting area with us. Especially while we were playing cards. The orange one would come meow at our bungalow door and wait to be let in. Which of course I always opened the door for him!

Soon enough we learned from the bungalow owners that these cats were actually rescued. A pair of backpackers found them as frail kittens inside a bag beside the river. They rescued them and kept them in their bungalow, providing them with food, water, and most importantly, lots of love. The backpackers extended their stay in the town much longer then expected just to make sure these little kittens made it. Once they were healthy enough and finally putting on weight the backpackers knew it was well past their time to continue on their travels. So, they approached the owners and asked if they could take the two kittens in as their own. Thankfully the owners said they would do the best they could and from that day on the kittens never left.

Both of them now live a fulfilling life at “The Otherside Bungalows” receiving lots of love from people all around the world.

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