Furry Friday 24: Beach Friends

Our home town Vancouver, BC has been struck with a cold snap that we are not at all used to. First, Scott and I followed the sun for a year so this whole “winter” thing is quite an alarming shock to our systems. Second, our city Vancouver is not used to cold and snow like this. Yes, we live in Canada where everyone in the world believes we live in igloos but, Vancouver is a pretty moderate climate compared to the rest of our wonderful country. We get lots of rain in the winter, not this cold and snow thing!

So, while Scott and I have been cranking up the heat, turning on the fireplace, and putting on all the warm clothes we can find we’ve been thinking about the places we were enjoying this time last year. Places like the beaches you find on the islands in the south of Thailand. Places that are so hot that you are the most comfortable sitting by the ocean with a drink in only your swimsuit and even then your body gets too hot that you have to go jump in the water.

Ahh…. the beach…. Which brings me to this instalment of Furry Friday. Creatures we’ve met on the beach. First I’ll start with the not so furry ones. But, I’m sure there is some sort of fuzzy feeler hair on their bodies somewhere.

Koh Phayam

We found plenty of hermit crabs during our beach time on the island of Koh Phayam. It’s always fun to chase them along the beach and grab them by their shells to say a quick hello.

Koh Phayam

Another Thai beach favourite would have the be the little tiny sand crabs. They were always so busy digging up little sand balls and making such intricate patterns all along the beach. All while doing the typical “run away” when anyone came near leaving many to wonder where these patterns actually came from.

Koh Samui

This little beagle followed us for a bit during one of our beach walks. He seemed like he was on quite a mission as he had no time to talk and could only focus on sniffing the ground. Made me wonder is he was a detective trying to solve a murder mystery.

Phuket, Thailand

And our last friend for this Furry Friday is this very furry dog. All the dogs we ever saw in Thailand had very short hair except this guy. Not surprisingly at all we always found him frolicking in the water trying to stay cool. We totally understood how he felt as we also found ourselves battling the heat the same way he had too! Sure would love to be this dog right now!

Happy Furry Friday everyone! Stay warm out there if you are also in one of the many cold parts of the world. As for the rest of you travellers in the warm climates… ENJOY IT FOR US!!

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