Furry Friday 21: Eviction Notice

How could you evict these faces?

We are back in Canada and have been happily reunited with our cats, Charlie and Kerrigan. However, we don’t get possession of our condo until July so in the meantime Scott and I have been living at my parents place with our cats. My mom has two dogs, Heidi and Peppe, both of which are small chihuahuas. Our cats have been living mostly in my parents “looking room” which is a large mostly unused room with some couches and a dining table. (basically a living room with no TV)

Anyways, Scott and I had to leave for the week leaving our cats to be watched by my parents. I have recently received this notice from my mom on facebook:

To: Deidra & Scott

Official notice of eviction of Charlie & Kerrigan from the Looking Room
Eviction took place today & cats have been relocated to the Elvis Room (Note: my mom’s computer room is full of Elvis pictures)

Reasons for eviction.
1. Behaviour: Both cats were observed sharpening there claws on furniture.
2. Threats: Both cats were threatening other members of the pack & endangering a life {Peppe’s life}
3. Noise: Meowing at the closed doors on repeated occasions.
4. Elopement: Constantly attempting to escape resulting in stress of sitters.
5. Poop: Not using their own bathroom. Evidence was found on floor.
6. Restricted area: Using the dining room table as part of their marathon. (Note: Our cats like to run a marathon every night back and forth every night. Maybe they are exercising?)
7. Boundaries: Have been found sleeping in sitters closet.
8. Mess: Have been leaving hair on couches and horking hair balls.
9. Damage: French doors have evidence of damage

Outcome of Eviction

All there possesions were moved to the Elvis Room. So far the cats have adjusted very well and behaviors have improved. Extra attention & love has been given to them to help adjust to there new environment. Only Kerrigan has attempted to return to the Looking Room. With the Elvis Room door being left open it has somehow created a calming effect. So far the whole pack are respecting there boundaries. Peace at last.

From the Sitters

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