Furry Friday 16: Think of the kittens!


I figure I’d take a stab at this Furry Friday, as Dee is usually in charge of it. So here it goes…

We all love animals and don’t want to see any harmed obviously. So I thought I’d appeal to your animal sides and get your spirit guides to take over. You know, the ones that gives stray kittens food from restaurant table and has to pet every new one. Because if I can’t get the training to save the world, what’s going to happen to those cute kittens? They’re going to go the way of dogs in Vietnam. And they’re too cute for food, aren’t they? Can you really put a price per kilo on that face?

So yah, I guess what I’m saying is that if you don’t donate to the cause, you pretty much engaging in kitten genocide. So please, save the kittenz!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, see my post before about the Shooting Range in Phnom Phen that will help me save the world!

Donate right away to help! We’re going to the range right away!

EMAIL MONEY TRANSFER: (for Canadians only)
Send to: scott at dreamalittledream.ca
Password: zombies

PAYPAL: (for everyone)
just click on the handy thumbnail below!

It’s happening this weekend! The kittens Thank You very much!

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