Furry Friday 14: Yarr, we meet ye a pirate!


We never expected in our travels to meet a sad shipwrecked pirate cat named Captain Catfaramuel. He had an extremely harsh voice from being out at sea for ages, it reminded of those Fishermen’s Friend commercials I used to see on TV when I was a kid. For some strange reason he chose to wear an eye patch even though both of his eyes seemed to work fine. But we often found him wearing it on top of his head.

He told us how he came from the far away land of Caterpurry and was in search of enemy ships from Dogsonbark to loot, destroy, and make them their slaves. But, one day a bad storm suddenly appeared and he lost control of his ship after a sail mast fell and hit him on the head. He awoke and found himself shipwrecked on Phayam with no sign of his crew. Now he spends his days mostly dazed and confused (we think that sail mast must of did some damage to his brain) and calling out to his lost crew with his raspy voice.


We gave him some left over chicken from lunch and a bit of water to help with his throat. In return he ended up living on our front porch for a few days. Usually I would be happy for this, but his constant horrific sounding cries out to the world were quite embarrassing. I could tell they would wake up our neighbours from their siestas. Oh well… We did provide him with some peace from time to time as you can tell from the happy cat picture below.

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