Foggy Days

It’s been foggy here in Vancouver for the past week. And not just a usual early morning fog by a body of water, or an evening fog in a flat farmers field, but an all day fog that just continues to get thicker and thicker. 

I read “The Mist” by Stephen King when I was a kid and ever since then I always think of aliens with large tentacles whenever I see fog. I even remember swearing I could see a bodily figure run past my field of view when going through some fog as a kid. Even today as an adult I can still feel that feeling. And I know it’s not just me as I can sense an interesting eerie feeling throughout the city. Almost like we are all in a scary movie.

Last friday night we decided to embrace the eeriness and go see a midnight showing of The Exorcist and The Wickerman at the Rio Theatre, which we have never been to before. It’s a little old theatre complete with a balcony which is where we sat. The staff was all dressed up in costumes and before the show and in between the shows they put on a bit of a spooky performance with games and prizes. There was even a “Creepy” Comedian that was actually really good. The seats in the balcony were all very close to each other. Pretty much unless you are a child your knees would hit the sit in-front of you. But we managed to find a row in the very back that actually had ample leg room. The Exorcist was first and it was a great experience to see such a classic on the big screen. The crowd all interacted by making comments and/or cheering during certain scenes. However, the Wickerman, even with all it’s hype was such a bad movie! The crowd was also silent the whole time. There was not one thing scary about it and it’s soundtrack (which is very important for a scary movie) was awful. We do not recommend that movie at all and are very confused as to why that was paired up with The Exorcist for a Midnight Horror Fest.

I finally saw the sun for the first time a couple days ago for a short bit and this has continued everyday since then. But the fog comes back every late afternoon/early evening and stays until late morning/early afternoon.

Aside for the eeriness that this fog has created, I’m also very intrigued and amazed by it all. It actually is yet another beautiful thing by the works of Mother Nature. 

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