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Rick Green, Senior Executive, FlyGlobeSpan
cc: Grant Ritchie (Administrative Contract, please forward to Rick Green, Tom Dalymple’s office)
cc: Tom Dalrymple, CEO
cc: Public Relations (charters@) regarding online web post below:
cc online post:

re: FlyGlobeSpan customer service, International Flights. Calgary Canada to Dublin, Ireland

Dear Sir,

My wife and I have been planning on traveling the world for the last 3 years, and on June 25th of 2009 we were able to depart from Calgary. We searched online and found your company, to have an attractive offer flying from Calgary to Dublin. We reserved our seats online, paying an extra $44 each for more leg room on the plane and selected vegetarian options for our food and even showed up 2 hours before our flight.  Up to this point you made everything easy, affordable and available to us 100% through your website, Booking Held : 6913806/SA9

Our troubles started upon arriving to the airport. When we checked our assigned seats were now “unavailable”. Of course we had no physical tickets as your email confirmation states
FLYGLOBESPAN IS A DOCUMENT FREE SERVICE AND DOES NOT ISSUE TICKETS” I tried to explain the extra $44 per ticket was for this upgrade but there were no seats available. Upon talking to a manager at the Calgary airport, I was told that the computer system constantly has problems (while he was slightly laughing about it..) and I could contact Flyglobespan customer service for a refund. He stated to just contact FlyGlobeSpan at my destination as he couldn’t do anything for me there at the airport.

IMG_1247 Unfortunately our troubles did not stop here. Once we were boarded on the plan and my knees were firmly pressed into the back of the seat in front of me, our dinner came around. Somewhere along the way it seemed that there were not enough vegetarian lasagna’s available, as again, my ticket was lost. I was given the opportunity for 1 lasagna and a vegan dish, which looked like chickpea, rice and swill. I exchanged the vegan for a meat. The meat that came through was exactly the reason I chose a vegetarian option, because it certainly could not be called beef.

At the end of this we just wanted to sleep our worries away on this very long flight. We went to stretch out but of course our seats would not recline and no help was available to resolve this.

We are on the start of a year long adventure, and my wife calms me down saying I’m going to have to get used to shoddy experiences like this. And I can accept staff laughing at your booking system, I can accept my knees being crammed into a seat, I can accept not getting sleep. What I cannot accept is what has happened next.

Today I phoned customer service at +44 141 332 3233 to receive my refund on the extras I paid for tickets and talked to a Charlene in the Glasgow office. I was expecting this to be resolved and to move on, but what I was told that the ONLY way to receive a refund was to mail a letter to Edinburough. I asked for an email address or to talk to someone immediately as I have no fixed address right now, and email or phone is a superior way of communicating as it leaves electronic traces. She checked with her manager Mark and again told me there was absolutely no other way. I asked again.  Charlene went on to say that there are no email addresses as they are not an “internet” company, and repeated this several times.

Sir, what kind of company are you then? A company that lies? A company that steals? Certainly not a company that focuses on Customer Service. If you can take $818.00 off my Mastercard online, this means you are an internet company. If you can post your schedules online, this means you are an internet company. If you send me ticketless confirmations, you are an internet company. Your entire company revolves around your webpages, which I’m afraid to tell you, is on the Internet.

Sir, what I can not accept is money being taken from me wrongly, and when given the opportunity, not resolved to any standards of satisfaction. Mr. Webster agrees with my definition of this: stealing. Is this your way to STEAL peoples money? By making legitimate refunds near impossible to get? To have no checks and balances, tracing of conversations? This does not speak of the “can do” attitude your chairman, Tom Dalrymple speaks of on your homepage. A “can do” attitude would enable your managers to make your customers happy, and resolve such a small complaint immediately.

In Canada, we view our “low cost” airlines as being a “value” airline. I suppose I will have to modify my thinking of your company as a cheap airline. I hope this terminology is not lost in translation.


Scott Vanderlee

P.S. As I am unsure if this email will be received (as you don’t post your email addresses online and have had to waste time scouring the internet for contact information) I have started to make a claim with my Mastercard for a refund due to services not rendered as promised. This is due to you breaking your own Terms and Conditions, under Pre-bookable Seating and Extra Leg-room Seats

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