Flashback Sundays: Honeymoon Vacation in Jamaica


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We’ve seen many amazing beaches while we were in Thailand over the last couple of months, and it reminded us of beaches we’ve been to in the past. For our honeymoon in 2006, we wanted to go somewhere tropical. Somewhere that had no waves, white powdery sand and coral with scuba diving nearby.

We found this in a beautiful country, Jamaica. We decided to stay at the Couples Negril, an ultra all inclusive resort that was fantastic! Most of our days included either swimming in their huge pool or out in the beautiful crystal clear ocean water. The water was so warm, and the sand felt like baby powder. The resort even offered beginner scuba lessons that allowed us to see amazing sea life just 10 meters deep! It defiantly put a bug in me to want to do more scuba diving in the future. It’s like being in a huge salt water aquarium at the dentists – without the pain of going to the dentist! The resort really had everything.

Sunset in Jamaica

But you can’t just stay on the resort for the whole time so we signed up for a sunset catamaran cruise. It was a nice warm day when we left and we were treated to some amazing views of the sunset. The sky turned shades of purple and orange, a breathtaking mix of colour. A great day to soak up the sun in Jamaica

Appleton Estate Rum Distilery, Jamaica

Jamaica is also the country where Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum is produced of course! Their distillery first started pumping out the liquid gold in 1794, and for the last 260 years has fine tuned their liquid. They grow much of their own sugar and recycle the stalks, burning them to heat the rum in the huge vats. Almost all of their product is reused or recycled making them pretty green friendly. With a few samples at the end to try different kinds, it’s well worth the tour there.

There’s much to do in Jamaica, making it one of the perfect honeymoon destinations. If the white sandy beaches and warm water don’t excite you, the history of the country and natural lush jungle will make you fall in love with it.

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