Flash Mobs

Flash mob videos are one of three vices that suck me into the vortex of the you tube “related videos” link hop. The other two are funny videos of cats or kids. A friend will share a video on facebook and the next thing I know an hour has passed by!

Cats are probably the best (worst?) contender… I even actively seek out cat videos on my own just so I can see what sort of related videos pop up to waste some time. Or for a quick dose I’ll just resort to some good old lolcats at icanhascheezburger.com. Heck, the ring tone on my phone is a song from a cat video!

Anyways, a great flash mob video was just recently shared by my friend Dave on facebook. The video is actually a commercial created for T-Mobile’s “Life is for sharing” ad campaign. Commercial or not I think the message is fantastic! Check it out:

Watching this video makes me fall in love with Europe before I even get there! I would of loved to be part of that crowd!! I wonder if we will be lucky enough to witness any flash mobs while we are there or maybe even get to take part of one!

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