Five unexpected inspirations for our travels, past and future!


Five unexpected inspirations for our travels, past and future!

One of the questions we are most frequently asked when people ask us about our travels is: “what inspired you to go here/there?” It’s a very good question, and sometimes, we have to admit, we’ve been stumped. The truth is, we’ve been on some pretty wild adventures from Vietnam to Egypt, but some of the inspirations behind our trips have been pretty mundane by comparison.

If you’re at a loss for inspiration for your next trip, sometimes it could be right in front of you – here are five examples of little hints that inspired us to get out there.

At the supermarket

Head into any supermarket around Easter time and you’ll be bombarded with images of St Patrick’s Day, tempting you in with 3 for 2 offers on crates of Guinness, Clover and everything else remotely Irish-sounding! It was one idle trip to the supermarket in fact that made us wonder just how much more fun it would be to have an authentic Irish celebration; hence our first stop off point was decided!

On video games

Fans of old skool gaming will remember the Tomb Raider series on the PlayStation. I’ll never forget some of the best games from days of yore, in particular Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, which really showcased the beauty of Angkor Wat and served as an inspiration to go there! Online gaming is also inspiring us to plan our next trip, particularly online casinos. All we had to do was log on to Jackpot City and we were greeted with an image of the glittering coastline of Atlantic City. With bright lights and a gorgeous coast, it’s inspired us to get searching for cheap deals to New Jersey.

In looking after children

Changing diapers, doing homework together, feeding babies – life’s all fun and games when it comes to having babies, and we prefer to sit back and watch our family and friends with their own! It’s amazing how much kids’ toys can inspire you though – just a quick rifle through children’s books, with all their colourful images of exotic animals, inspired us to say hello to the camels in Egypt.

From our pets

This is an almost embarrassing story – when we got tired of our two little cats bringing in ‘presents’ in the form of mice, we decided to take matters into our own hands and lay some traps. Of course, a trip to the hardware store for traps was one thing to consider, but when we forgot the bait, we were quickly shouted at and reminded not to waste our expensive French brie! “The only Brie you’ll get better than that,” we were told, “is in France itself.” Voila – cue a very decadent trip to the city of love.

At the bottom of a glass!

They say there’s nothing like an ice cold beer on a hot summer’s day, and this is something which we freely admit to cherishing. Our traveller instinct kicked in one day when we were trying German beer – where better to sample the delights than at Oktoberfest? We were soon on our way to Germany, and though beer-stained memories are hazy, it’s pretty difficult to forget!

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