A First Class Update!

We are such classy people (hah… yah right!) that we decided to first class it up for our train from Liverpool to London. For just a mere 6 pounds each we could upgrade our economy seats to first class. So far those dollars spent have double themselves in savings.

First Class on Virgin Trains get us the following:

  1. Bigger Seats with no one sitting beside us
  2. Access to first class lounge before boarding with free coffee/tea, water, snacks etc. Complete with comfy sofas
  3. Free wifi internet access on the train
  4. Free alcoholic drinks
  5. Free tea, coffee, juice, pop
  6. Free snacks
  7. Free light meal and dessert
  8. And the feeling of riding First Class Baby! Oh yea!

On my second glass of wine with still an hour of train ride left. I’m sure the drink cart will come another 2 times. That alone makes up for the extra charge. Plus don’t forget all the snacks and fruit I have grabbed to stuff in my purse for later. (like roaming the streets of Copenhagen) And our light meal with dessert.

This is my first time riding First Class in my entire life. It’s always been way too much to upgrade. If we see this upgrade deal again I’m sure we will take it.

In total our train tickets cost us 54 pounds per person (cheapest we could find when we booked) plus the 6 pounds per person for the first class upgrade.

Anyways, heading to London just for the night to attend a world famous (to people in the drum & bass music scene) Hospitality Night. Then we are off to Copenhagen, Denmark for 5 nights. Looking forward to spending a bit longer of a time in a city. Gives us time to see all the sights and also take some time out and just enjoy a day in a park etc. Our trip has been go go go everyday. Get up, get ready, go go go, pass out. Good times!

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