Finding Prospects in the Alley

Awhile ago Scott had to meet this girl in a alley by our place and complete a transaction. Yup, sounds scummy doesn’t it?

Sometimes in Vancouver it’s better to buy your event tickets from an individual who is actually throwing the party or has some part in it rather then the stores. Cheaper, avoid extra fees, meet a new face. Thus why Scott was meeting a girl in an alley. Although he still thought it was an odd choice of a meet up location.

Wednesday on facebook this same girl put up a message about a friends and family sale for Icebreaker and to message her for details. Curious, I looked up what Icebreaker was and low and behold it’s a great line of merino wool products! PERFECT! Exactly what we were hoping to get for the trip. Get the details and find out the sale is located right by said alley. “Oh! She must work there!”

The sale was awesome. One of the best sales I have ever attended. We got free beer at the door, our ticket provider friend was spinning some wicked tunes, people on the sales floor were friendly and full of information, and the prices were amazing. Scott and I got 2 long sleeve shirts (his with zip neck, mine is just a base layer) and 2 pairs of awesome socks all for under $100!! Which is amazing considering it’s high grade merino wool.

Thank you Marie-Paule for the information about this sale! 

If you don’t have or know what merino wool is I suggest you check it out for your own travels.  Natural fibre, Super breathable (good for hot and cold climates), anti-bacterial, odor resistant, doesn’t wrinkle, folds up small, the list goes on! 

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