falling asleep

I was falling asleep at my desk this morning. I forgot my “Kick Ass” coffee that my wonderful husband poured for me on the counter.

The flyer I’m working on already has it’s look and identity and thus I just have to copy and paste this feature promo’s products into the already created little square boxes and change the price. Sometimes I think my job title should be “Cut and Paste Professional” instead of Graphic Designer. I’m surprised my command, C and V buttons are not worn out.

Still feeling sleepy, I decided to go for a walk and get myself a chai tea latte.

The air was cool and crisp and I felt more alive instantly. The world was doing it’s thing… People tightening their scarfs to keep the unfriendly wind off their necks, students rushing to catch their bus, big semi’s making wide turns, autumn leaves adding color to a concrete color scheme, testosterone engaged teenage driver peeling out at the stop sign, the not so good sushi place has new window signage, and I realized that I have work at my current job long enough that the new large office building has finally completed it’s 2 year construction.

I have begun to realize I really love seeing the outside world during a work day. I feel the most intrigued and inspired with myself and my surroundings. I love to be an observer, taking everything in. I work in a purplish grey walled office with fluorescent lighting and no windows. The atmosphere doesn’t really help to inspire creativity.

However, all at the same time I am thankful for the experience I have gained from my current job. Aside from bringing in the sugar and teaching me some skills I didn’t have beofre,  it has helped me to realize what I don’t want in my future career and will make exploring this planet even more fulfilling.

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