Epic Fail on Litter Kwitter

It saddens me to report that we did not get any gold stars for toilet training our cats.

Here are 4 reasons why:

1) 2 cats. 1 toilet.

Cats don’t like to go to the bathroom in the exact same spot as the other cat and since the circumference of the LITTER KWITTER training disc is so small it makes it real hard to do this once one cat has already used it.

Every time we needed to go the bathroom meant we also had to use the same toilet. Having to sweep the floor and then remove the LITTER KWITTER off the toilet each time got to be a pain after awhile.

2) Kerrigan is too much of a diva

The LITTER KWITTER is a good product with a couple of flaws that have no effect to the actual training of the cat. We fully believe this as our cat Charlie was getting the hang of it with no problems.

It was our cat Kerrigan that had all the issues. She would rather hold it in for days and cry and act like an idiot then use the LITTER KWITTER. Even if the training disc was squeaky clean with brand new litter. She soon decided going on the floor beside the toilet was a better idea then in the LITTER KWITTER.

3) We aren’t home enough

Both Scott and I work during the day. So if a cat goes to the washroom during the day we are not there to clean it up right away.

We also had many weekends away and/or long vacations that we never knew how to handle the LITTER KWITTER situation. If we had someone stay at our place and willing enough to clean the damn thing on a more then daily basis then this wouldn’t be so much of an issue. But we don’t have that kind of special someone here in Vancouver. (Luckily we do have someone that is kind enough to pop in to check on our cats!!)

During August we were gone for 2 weeks. Thus, we had to stop the training for the 3rd time.

4) Too messy

We could restart the training all over once again for the 4th time but I can’t forsee trying to sell our place while toilet training the cats to be the best idea.

The LITTER KWITTER does not at all equal show room condition. Infact, it’s quite the opposite! Not only was our bathroom a war disaster all the time but also the rest of our place got to enjoy all the shrapnel!

The cats kick the litter anywhere but in the disc when using it. They then trace the litter all throughout the condo. We were constantly stepping on it and swearing under a breath each time like Sideshow Mel when he steps on a rake.

Then, add on the fact that you could find excrements beside the toilet or somewhere else in the house for that matter at anytime.

I think the last thing a potential buyer wants to see is a bathroom that looks like a giant litter box and then get a “wet sock” while mulling over with their significant other if they should make an offer or not.

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