Enjoying the Sun & Bass in Italy

Sun & Bass 2009

Our past tropical beach experiences have been great. Our first destination together was Puetro Vallarta, Mexico. It was a 1-week all-inclusive deal and defiantly gave us our travel bug. In that one-week we had such a fantastic time and learned we traveled extremely well with other. Both of us love to just sit back and relax and do nothing except jump in the ocean to cool down. But, we do also like to take part in a few activities. Basically making plans to relax for 2 days then go for an adventure and repeat.

So came our honeymoon… visiting St. Lucia and Jamaica. St. Lucia is still one of our most favorite places in the world. We stayed in our own mountainside villa with our own private pool and the amazing beaches were just 10 mins away. In Negril, Jamaica we stayed at a massive all-inclusive resort and pampered ourselves, as any honeymooners should!

St. Lucia, 2006 St. Lucia, 2006
Our most favorite place on this planet in St. Lucia

As much as a great time we had, we often thought to ourselves how amazing it be to do the same sort of trips with friends. So we signed ourselves up for a 1-week all-inclusive deal at a mega resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic with our friends Karen and Steve. As stated before in a previous post, we had an amazing week with them. However the entire time we all agreed there was something missing… Good music and more friends! So you can just imagine how excited we were to be attending Sun & Bass together on our European adventure and meeting up with even more of our friends there, James and Christy!

Sun & Bass is marketed as a drum & bass lover’s paradise. For 1 week around 1,000 junglists from across the world fly to the little tropical island of Sardinia, Italy and attend daily parties catered them throughout the town of San Teodoro. It’s quite a experience to walk through a town where barely any of the locals speak English but all you need to do is shout out “WOO, SUN & BASS!!!!” and you will make instant friends with anyone wearing a wrist band within your vicinity.

Sun & Bass 2009
The beach!!

Previous Sun & Bass events had DJs set up during the day on the beach, which was the main tidbit of information that drew us all in to set our entire European plans around this 1 week party. It sounded like our beach times in the Caribbean but with our taste in music and friends. However, sadly, once we arrived we were informed all beach events are canceled and will be moved to different locations. The beach bar they used previous years had a new owner who was not at all interested in allowing these beach parties to be there. I still shake my head at this guy… I can’t even imagine the amount of alcohol and food sales he missed out on by not allowing some DJ’s to set up their gear at his bar.

None the less, our week there was off the charts. We rented ourselves a great little condo to share, drank way too much cheap wine, made some great meals, sunbathed on the beach, laughed our asses off, and danced to some great music in the most classy venues we think any junglist will ever see.

Sun & Bass 2009
Steve dancing with Jenna G

Our entire groups week highlight would be at Bal Harbor to see Jenna G live. Jenna G is a female MC and lyricalist who has made some amazing music and collaborated with many internationally known DJs like Roni Size. We all didn’t even know she had a live set at Sun and Bass until we got there and saw the finalized line up! What a treat! Getting to check another “I want to see” music artist off our list without even expecting it. Her performance was the most intimate music experience I’ve encountered. We situated ourselves on a small island in the middle of a swimming pool and this was our best decision for the entire week. As Jenna G quite often came and sang and dance on this island right beside us and sometimes even WITH us! It was one of those celebrity OMG I can’t believe I’m experiencing this kind of moments.

Sun & Bass 2009
Our 8 euro VERY VERY VERY Strong Long Island Ice Teas

Would we go to Sun & Bass again? Yes I think we would, but not during a backpacking adventure. Seeing everyone at the parties wearing different outfits while you are staring at the inside of your backpack wondering how you can dress up your few very casual items. I would go next time with a suitcase and lots of fun outfits. We would also plan to spend WAY more money there as drinks are 8 euros each and water is 6 euros each!! OUCH!!! At least they poured the drinks VERY strong. Because of this strong pour it made buying beers a rip off since they can’t pour that stronger for you. Also, I would bring our spring floats to use at the pool in Bal Harbour! So, maybe one day we will attend it again, but I don’t forsee it in any near future… Attending Burning Man in 2011 shall be our next new festival adventure.

Sun & Bass, 2009
Our big group of friends enjoying the Sun & Bass!

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