Earth Hour: What did you do?

What did you do for Earth Hour?

Scott and I turned off all our lights and electronics and headed over with a shoulder bag full of beer to our friends Mike and Amber. The plan… spend the evening drinking by candle light. 

We were running a bit late and didn’t end up leaving our place until 8:30. The walk over made us very disappointed with our community. We maybe picked out 5 apartments that we could tell for sure they were taking part as you could see the warm glow of candles inside. Of course there were quite a few apartments completely dark, but being a saturday night in Vancouver lots of people are out for a night on the town. Hopefully they were doing like us and heading somewhere else to participate. 

We saw one building completely lit up. Not one unit was dark. There was even one unit with people sitting around a candle but had all their lights on as well. We shook our fists in air often and called everyone Earth haters. 

Only one store on Granville St. had (most) their lights off and they were still OPEN! It was our friendly neighbourhood liqor store. Of course they couldn’t turn everything off but it was nice to see them making the best effort they could. They had their open sign on, cash register, and the cooler lights for the cold beer etc in the back. All their ceiling and exterior lights were off. 

Even though I am disappointed with our community’s effort to participate, I’m still proud of my city’s effort because many of our major landmarks went dark for the hour. 

Lions Gate Bridge Before

Lions Gate Bridge After

City Hall Before

City Hall After

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