Due to injury, we didn’t really see Vientiane, Laos

Vientianne, Laos
We upgraded our room to relax in Vientiane

We could almost spend our whole trip in Thailand, especially in a laid back town like Chiang Pai. But there’s more of Asia to see, so we took a plane to the border town of Udon Thani to cross into Laos and get into Vientiane. Unfortunately while I was grabbing money for our tuk-tuk in Udon Thani I slipped on a curb and rolled my ankle. I didn’t break it or anything but couldn’t walk very well.

When we were in Sweden Dee did a similar thing to her ankle, and we kept walking on through Latvia and Russia. Her foot ended up hurting her quite a bit and for a long time, so I wanted to make sure to stay off my foot and let it heal. So for our week in Vientiane we really didn’t end up doing too much. We went to the Vietnam Embassy to get our visa’s, but the rest of the time was spent watching movies on our laptop.

Vientianne, Laos

We were staying at the Beau Rivage Boutique Hotel which was super nice, and they had a great restaurant attached to it called the Spirit House. The food was amazing and had a French influence to it, which was nice after spending so much time in Thailand. It was nice to have things like caesar salads with pumpkin soup, because the Thai’s really don’t do salads very well. But one of their best items was the blue cheese arancini balls. They’re fried rice balls coated with bread crumbs and spices, coming from Italy. If you see them on a menu do yourself a favor and order them! Or better yet, if your in Vientiane, do yourself a favor and treat yourself at the Spirit House restaurant. (located on the river)

After 4-5 my foot stared feeling better. Which was good, because we were planning on meeting up with our friends Anna and Adam. We had met them on Koh Phayam and for New Years in Koh Phangan, and had managed to work out to meet up in Viang Vang to party for Dee’s birthday.

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