Drinking undercover in front of the Eiffel Tower

We all have that list inside our mind. The list of things you want to do and see in this life. Some things are easy to check off, others require a bit of work, and some might never happen. One thing on my list is to sit in front of the Eiffel Tower and drink wine while eating bread and cheese.


Paris, France

The first time our group of 4 set eyes together on the Eiffel Tower was at night, Sparkling in French glory. We were on the hunt for something to eat late at night with a backpacker budget. Two problems with this: French restaurants are not open late and backpacker budget and “tourist” area don’t mix. Steve had been to Paris before and remembered eating at cheaper places on the other side of the tower. So we walked under the giant beast with grumbling tummies. Photos do not give the Eiffel Tower justice to its size. It’s quite impressive!


All of us looking up

We noticed the line was short to get to the top but our tummy grumbles were more important so we said to ourselves “another day” and made out way out of the Eiffel park grounds. Upon exiting we noticed a sign with symbols. From what we could tell it said No drinking alcohol in the park! What?? How can that be? This is France! You always see movies with people drinking wine and eating baguettes in front of the Eiffel Tower.

On the day we did plan to have our typical French picnic we brought our coffee mugs with us as a just in case measure, a North American trick to get away with drinking in public. It must be coffee right? While searching for the perfect piece of grass to sit on we noticed lots of armed guards with automatic assault weapons in the area and also some normal dressed gentleman with earpieces walking amongst the trees. Unsure if this is normal security or if the terrorist alert was a higher color that day, we felt smart for bringing the coffee mugs.

So we sneak poured our wine into the cups, cut up some cheese, and ripped apart some bread. The sky was epic with the most amazing clouds we have seen in Europe, and the Eiffel Tower did its job well. It was a moment to never forget.




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