Dreaming of a White Christmas

 Actually, we don’t need to dream at all. Over the weekend Vancouver was hit with 30 – 70 cm of snow! That is a crazy amount of snow to fall in a 24 hour period. Especially in a city that barely ever gets snow. An example of how bad Vancouver handles snow: The airport shuts down leaving thousands stranded just mere days before Xmas.

The forecast calls for another 15 – 20 cm of snow to fall starting this evening and into Christmas Eve.

Our Christmas celebrations call for a lot of driving. Christmas Eve is spent at my parents home in Surrey (40 mins away) and then we spend Christmas Day at Scott’s sisters. (1 hour away). 

Boxing Day we fly out to Calgary for 10 days. A large group of us even rented a Cabin out in Windermere for 4 days over New Years to party, relax and make use of the hot springs/ski hill nearby. 

So, we are hoping our travels don’t prove to be too difficult. Take it slow and easy driving in the snow and keep our fingers are crossed that we have no major delays at the airport.

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