Does Size Matter?

Scott won a contest at his job. He is one of the 4 top outbound sales reps in his company and gets to select 1 pre-selected prize package worth $2000 each. 

The Prize Package choices are:

Macbook Air & Iphone
46″ Flat Panel LCD plus Blue Ray Disc Player
32″ Flat Panel LCD, Play Station 3, Surround Sound System
Custom fit Calloway Golf Clubs
Burton Snowboard Package

All really great prizes! We narrowed it down to the Macbook Air as we already have a 46″, 36″ would be nice for the bedroom but we won’t need that until we get back, Scott already has golf clubs and again won’t be using them this year, and snowboard package is sweet since we want to start but again, not till we get back….. where the Macbook Air we can use on the trip as it’s super small and light weight!

However, when Scott told them his prize choice he was made aware there was a typo that it was supposed to be just a regular Macbook and iphone. They said they can still buy the Macbook Air with no iphone and you would have to pay the difference as it retails over $2000 once taxes and such get added on.

Sigh… So now we have a dilemma… We were just originally going to travel with my current Macbook…. but then the option of bringing something lighter came along and that sounded like a great idea. My current Macbook is over 2 years old and has 2 small “cracks” which can easily get dust exposed into the inside hardware if it was exposed to a really dusty area. I’ve often wondered if it would actually last on our trip.

So, does size and weight really matter and we still take the Macbook Air and just pay the difference?

Or do we take a brand new regular Macbook plus iphone? (which we would sell the iphone for some cash to pocket) 

Or do we take something else?

Decisions, Decisions…

Best part… we have to decide TODAY! yikes.





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