Distractions, Distractions…

Scott and I  barely ever find time to work on our preparations during the week as we get distracted by simple things such as: Making dinner, cleaning the apartment, feeling tired, hanging out with friends and having fun. Our week nights often go like so: I get home around 5:30 pm. I start to do any tidy up needed and then start making dinner. Scott gets home usually after 6 or often even later like 7. He is tired and worn out but helps a bit with some tidy up while I continue to make dinner and then we eat. By the time we are finished eating we are both just really needing some down time. So we watch a downloaded TV show or go on our laptops. Then we are usually in bed by 10:30.

So much of our preparations we have to do get left for the weekend. However these last few weekends have been filled up with other important things like going to go see my family and my grandpa that is in the hospital. Helping Scott’s mom. Friends visiting that we haven’t seen in ages. Celebrating birthdays and so on… And I continue to see this trend in our upcoming weekends. We have more people we need to visit, birthdays to celebrate and so forth.

We really want to leave in May. That is in 2 months!! Time really is flying by….

So what is our plan to accomplish all the preparations? I’m going to start posting a weekly to do list on here and hope that by sharing it with the world we will get more motivated to actually complete it. That whole making a deal with someone. I said to so and so I will do this.

This means however we really need to get on top of keeping our place tidy so we are not wasting our time doing big cleans all the time.

Anyways… here is this weeks To Do List. Wish us luck!

1) Fully clean apartment
2) Call Visa about Balance Transfer
3) Pull stuff to sell out of Storage room and bring into Command Center
4) Start listing items on ebay / Craigslist
5) Book appointment with Travel Doctor
6) Write some content for “The Trip”

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