Dear Jamie Oliver – A Letter about our experience at Jamie’s Italian


Dear Jamie Oliver,

This summer my wife Deidra and I toured through Europe with our friends Steve and Karen, sampling the best of the overseas as we went along. Being from Canada we’ve seen some of your shows, and were interested in trying celebrity restaurants in the UK. When we were in London, we had gone to Gordon Ramsey’s steakhouse and were seriously disappointed by our experience, the steaks having no real taste, being quite bland.

So when Steve started talking about your restaurants, and how it would most certainly be different I was initially hesitant to go to another overpriced joint that relied solely on TV fame to get people in the doors. When we were in Bath and looked at your menu, we were quite surprised at your reasonable rates for Italian food. Taking this as a good sign, we walked up to your restaurant with our stomachs hungry from traveling.

As we walked up to the door we were welcomed in by a hostess, and asked to wait a moment for our table to be ready. Looking at the front kitchen everything looked promising; cheeses on display, meats hanging and a huge pasta maker in the front. We could see into the kitchen, and it looked exceptionally clean. The chef’s were busy making their dinners, and the food looked delicious.

Looks like Heaven!

Sitting down at our table we ordered your organic house wine, which turned out to be a fantastic surprise in both taste and low cost. Looking over the menu, our group decided on a primavera, penne arrabiata, and two pumpkin raviolis. They came out just as we were onto our second carafe of wine, and again looked fabulous. Biting into the pumpkin ravioli was like eating a little bit of fall from back home in Vancouver, Canada. The ravioli was perfect and the filling was out of this world, and looking across the table everyone was in agreement. Back home there is tons of Italian food, but what we ate at your restaurant rated as the best I’d ever had, and still since – even after going through Italy for 2 weeks. It had flavor bursting at the seams and all too quick, it was gone! The only thing that may had been better was the Tiramisu we had to follow it up!

London England, UK
There’s a location in London?

Mr Oliver, Jamie if I may, this was one of the finest dining experiences we’ve had, and at a price that certainly makes it the best value. Wondering if it was just your fantastic chef’s in Bath, we visited your London Jamie’s Italian No.5 on Canary Warf to test your spaghetti Bolognese. Again the flavor of the beef came through beautifully, the sauce had substance and an unbelievable taste to it, and the tiramisu once again was out of this world!

Thank you for having restaurants that lives up to the hype, to having food available for reasonable prices, and for not skimping on the quality. Throughout both restaurants your entire staff, from hostess, waiters, chefs and on, have done an utterly fantastic job. Please send our highest compliments to them all, and to you Sir, a pat on the back.

I will most certainly recommended your restaurants to everyone we know, and please open a location in Vancouver BC. With the Olympics coming and your highest standards, you will be most welcomed.


Scott and Deidra

P.S. Your food tops Gordon Ramsey’s, not only a ¼ of the cost but ten times the flavor.

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