Danger at the Cliffs of Moher

Oh No!

Oh No!

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After driving for the last several hours on the tiny roads of Ireland, I was ready for a break and to see Irelands great sights. We pulled up to the parking lot only to be caught off guard with a 7.00 Euro parking fee. Hadn’t our guidebook said it was free? There was no way I was going to pay another high fee in Ireland and reversed out of there faster than you can say four leaf clover.

We drove up the road and saw several cars parked on the side of the road. During our hectic drive we saw many cars parked on the side and termed it “Irish parking” as everyone seemed to park whereever they wanted. Sidewalk, road, grass, it didn’t seem to matter. I figured we’d park like the Irish and save ourselves the 7.00 euro while we saw these majestic sights.

The Cliffs of Moher are located on the most western side of the island and are a beautiful sight. The cliffs run 400 feet straight up from the Atlantic ocean are look like someone decided the earth would stop here, and ocean start. If you’re in the area I reccomend them as they truly are a great sight, much what I think Niagra falls would be.  We spent several hours hiking up the side, going past the “do not go here or you may die” sign, stopping at the “7 stupid people have fallen off th cliffs and died” memorial.

Seeing as everyone else went past this sign, why shouldn’t we? I’m glad that we did as we got to see the best views of the cliffs from this “do not go past” area. Check out our flikr pictures below for more views.

Fun fact for Potter Fans: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was filmed here.

It was hot out and we had a long, hectic drive back to Dublin so we decided to pack it in after a couple of hours. As we were walking back to our car we joked that we either got away without paying for parking, got a ticket or got towed. As it turns out we got a $50 euro ticket. It seems that you can park on ANY side road in Ireland, except outside of this one tourist destination. Going through the country side we saw 50-70 people parked on double yellow lines with no problems, and had to maneuver between them and a bus – no problem. But not here.

We decided to go into town and pay the ticket, fearful of being put into the gestapo’s computers and getting arrested when we returned to the EU. I even tried my best to get the ticket waived, but the nice lady at the city office couldn’t do a thing for me other than to say too bad! Actually, she did say that all they would do is write me letters in Canada, and I was ready to leave when Dee gave me the look of “pay the 50 euro’s and let’s get out of here”. I couldn’t help but feel a bit gyped as we walked out of the office.

We burned our way back to Dublin excited that we were going to make it north to Belfast. View more of our Cliffs of Moher photos below.

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