Covered in Red Dye, Corn Syrup and Dirt

Zombie Extras 

This is how we spent our saturday. Sweet, sticky and dirty. It was a great experience! 

Our friend Alex heard about a low budget zombie movie being filmed that needed some extras. Being the zombie movie lovers we are we signed ourselves up!

It was this group of truly amazing/inspiring and highly motivated high school students who were shooting the movie, complete with lots of high tech equipment they borrowed from their school. 

The premise of the film is actually a documentary about their band, the Juvenile Assassins. The last scene in their film is a bunch of zombies raiding the house and studio and then killing the band. 

It was a long day but well worth it. We really look forward to seeing the final product. Now we can share stories with our grand children about the time we were zombies in a movie. “No way grandma!”

Check out the rest of our pictures from the day in our flickr album here

Zombie Extras

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