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We love going to see movies, and back home we end up going to quite a few shows. There are tons of cinema’s around us in Vancouver including some of the newest luxury theatres to old style cheaper cinema that tend to run their own favourites. But after being to movies in Bangkok they’ve got nothing on the Thai’s.

Check out these seats!!
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The theaters at Siam Paragon Cineplex in Bangkok are the nicest I’ve ever been to. You can choose your seats from basic, to XL and up to a private sofa for 2. Plus they’re cheap as hell at 180 baht, about $5 CDN for the XL seat and $30 for 2 on the sofa. They show all the latest movies with Thai subtitles, and the sound and video quality is amazing. As an added bonus you choose the seats your going to sit in so if you arrive late you can tell before you purchase a ticket if there is anywhere good to sit.

Nokia Ultra Screen

Siam also had an awesome 3D Imax screen that we saw Avatar on, and it was bloody awesome. (both the movie and the screen!) Also, there is a Nokia Ultra Screen which is a private theatre with a separate box office and filled with private 2 person leather recliner booths and even swankier displays of phones, candies and popcorn. Even further there was the Enigma Screen, which is some sort of nightclub / movie theatre experience for members only. We couldn’t go inside but I wonder what goes on in there..

Siam Paragon Cineplex

It’s not only the screen, seats and sound that’s better than the theatres in Canada. Everything in the lobby is ultra-modern and lush. In Canada there’s more of an amusement theme with themes, stars, lights and gimmicks like flame throwing Egyptian Sphinx’s that talk to you then perform a laser show. It’s cool the first time you see it, but becomes very bland the second, third, forty-seconded, etc time you see it. Bangkok offers more luxury with leather sofas, Starbucks with seats, ice cream stalls and a marbled concession. The popcorn and drinks are super cheap, with popcorn options of sweet (caramel), salty original, or white cheddar cheese. My favourite was the sweet/original mix. Nothing tastes as good as salty popcorn after walking around in 40 degree heat – then caramel as a desert!

I have to admit we went a bit movie crazy when we first found the Siam Cinema and went to 4 movies in a row. But it helps remind you of back home in a comfortable place, and with the super air conditioning it’s a great way to beat the 40 degree heat.

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