Christmas with the A-Team

Incase you haven’t figured it out yet… YES we are still behind on our postings.. now carry on and enjoy this post! Merry Xmas! 😉

photo by: Adam Toll

Whats the best way to spend your Christmas away from home? Well with the A-Team of course!

We met Anna and Adam on Koh Phayam and pretty much became instant friends. It was a match made in paradise. We were just sitting behind them with a bottle of gin and some cans of Schweppes Lime enjoying the beautiful night when Adam turned around and casually asked us “Excuse me, do you know if there is anywhere on this island to buy some razors?” This turns into talking about the island, other places we have been, where we are from, you know.. normal backpacker talk. Its like normal “office” talk around the water cooler. Just comes natural. However this time the typical backpacker chat turned into something more.. the stars aligned and something magical happened. Days past on the island with many conversations about our inner most selfs over many drinks and card games of Madame du pique. Next thing we knew, we are making plans to meet up for Christmas to find a turkey dinner and spend a night together playing games. As we all know, Christmas is better spent with others. Only question was where in the South of Thailand was going to have a turkey dinner?

Koh Tao, Thailand
Our meet up place on Koh Tao

We decided to give Koh Tao a try. An island best known for its cheap scuba diving. We found one place the day before Xmas Eve advertising a full turkey dinner for a decent price. They told us it would have turkey, potatoes, gravy, and veggies. Sounded fantastic! So on Christmas Eve we went down salivating at the mouths and ordered 4 turkey dinners. The waiter seemed quite surprised and even a bit unsure if he had that much turkey. We waited awhile and then it arrived. It was roast turkey but not at all what we envisioned. We all received a large portion of dark meat, paired with some salad greens, a bit of cabbage and a small bowl of watery gravy. I instantly asked “where are the potatoes?” The waiter seemed confused like there wasn’t supposed to be any. So we asked and ordered some mashed potatoes. They were not on the menu but our mashing hand signals with the repeated words of potato seemed to get through. Unfortunately, they arrived just as our tummies were getting really full on the turkey, but we still managed to eat our fair share. It was decent turkey dinner for being in the tropics, but not at all comparable to what Scott and I made for Thanksgiving in Baden-Baden.

With full tummies we headed back to our hotel room to play some games. The A-Team really wanted to teach us this game I can’t even remember the name to. It reminded me of Cranium but a really simple version of it. We all had to write a list of famous figures on pieces of paper and then place them in a hat. It could be anything from cartoon characters, historical figures, musicians, athletes, actors, etc etc. I was teamed up with Anna and Scott was with Adam. In the first round you pick a name from the hat and have to describe who it is to your team mate without saying or fully spelling the name. All of the names go back in the hat and then you pick again. Second round you can only use one word to describe the name. And then 3rd round you have to draw the name you pulled out of the hat. I’m not the best at “celebrity” names but it was extremely fun, espcially when you have a name that you have no idea who that is. So you need to describe how it sounds or however you can get your team mate to guest it. To get the idea, try to describe the name Edith Piaf when you have no idea who that is.

We were also taught by Anna a card gamed called Racing Demon, who states its also something they play every Christmas and she never wins. This time however, being the only pro, she won! I on the other hand horribly lost to the point I don’t even remember how to play the game. None the less the entire evening was a blast and of course once again, many a drinks were had.

Our Christmas Tree 2008

This was our first Christmas away from home. Usually Christmas is a big deal with us decorating our place with a grand tree and village on our mantle, big celebration with all my family on Christmas Eve, then spending Christmas day with Scott’s family. Before we met up with the A-Team I was not looking forward to Christmas. I just knew if it would be only the two of us I would of been extremely homesick. But, the company of others is a power thing and a jolly ole time was had by all. Don’t forget about the weather!! Wearing shorts, tank tops, and sitting outside all Christmas Eve is quite an experience. It was too hot to even keep a Santa hat on for longer then 10 minutes. One thing is for sure though… I can’t wait for Christmas this year!

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