Christmas ornaments from our RTW trip

Scott and I made a tradition to get something to hang in our Christmas tree from each place we travel too. We started this on our honeymoon 4 years ago and since then we’ve filled the tree pretty quick with all the ornaments we gathered from our recent round the world adventure. It was lots of fun putting up our tree this year and reminiscing about all the places we’ve been.

Check out our ornaments from our RTW travels below:

A pretty little four leaf clover to represent Ireland

A double decker bus is a great symbol for the United Kingdom

In Denmark we visited Christiania Town and this is their emblem

A swedish version of Santa Claus straight from Sweden

A bell we bought at a craft fair during our visit to Jurmala beach, Latvia

Russia’s coat of arms symbol

A little ninja found on the island of Sardinia, Italy

Can’t mistake this one for being from Austria

Peek through and see Prague’s famous bridge in 3D. (Czech Republic)

Gotta love the windmills in the Netherlands!

France of course!

Some tiny Spanish clappers

We visited the wold’s largest cuckoo clock and got this in Germany

An actual Malaysia Christmas ornament as it was around that time of year when we were there

Custom hand blown glass elephant to represent Thailand

We saw lots of dragonflies during our time in Laos

Miniature lantern from Vietnam

Handmade hanging star from Cambodia

And here is some ornaments from our previous travels:

Mamajuana from the Dominican Republic

Reminds us of our little private villa in St. Lucia

Hand-craved Bob Marley from Jamaica

And last but not least here is something we recently got to represent our summertime adventures in Canada:

This little owl makes us think of all the fun we have at the Shambhala Music Festival every year in Salmo BC.



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