Check out this progress!

Over the weekend we spent about 1/2 a day going through our storage locker pulling out all the stuff we need to sell and get rid of. Of course during that process you end up organizing the storage locker itself. It looks great and now has a bunch of room for us to pack some more boxes and store them down there.

Once we completed that task we then had the great fun of bringing all the stuff upstairs. It was a lot of stuff!

Lots o' stuff

Took us about a day and 1/2 to go through it all, check that the electronics work, clean everything, take a photo, and then organize it on our “SALES” shelf in the Command Center. A lot of it is cell phones (thanks to Scott… I have no idea how we end up with so many cellphones! New and used.), some gaming systems, old cameras, computer stuff, a couple of amps, some speakers, paintball guns, and other random odds and ends.

It now all sits in a place we can see it as a constant reminder, rather then being forgotten about in a storage locker. Next step, start creating the listings for ebay or craigslist and then sit back and watch the money roll in!

Ready to sell!
Click the image to see flickr notes of each item

Once we get the items up I’ll be sure to post the links. I look forward to seeing how much we can actually make, and most important crossing another item off our giant list!

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