Celebration of Life

What a vacation. It makes me get teary eye just thinking about all the great times  I had with my husband and friends and within my own self. I want to go back. Forever. I want those feelings and moments to be there everyday. If only the world was Shambhala everyday.

And not only Shambhala… but just the energy that is in the air out there in the mountains. I felt so at peace with myself out there. Camping after Shambhala and enjoying the pure beauty of this beautiful province I choose to live in. The further away we drove from the mountains to home to more I felt off. I was happy to be back in the place my husband and I created as our home, with my cats that give me pure unconditional love, and of course the comforts of my own bed.
I now sit here on my first day back to the daily grind. I’m feeling tired, worn out, and drained. I don’t even think a vacation from my vacation would help with that feeling. Only four more months…. just four more months till we leave our day to day lives and set off for our chose your own adventures across the globe. Four more months. You can do it Dee. (and add on a holy crap to that! Only 4 more months! We have SO much left to do!!!)
I plan to try and take what I learned from Shambhala this year and apply it to my everyday. Really this is something I learn from it every year…. but it’s really strong this year because of the perfection that I felt dancing, surrounded by my best friends, ears vibrating from sick sick sounds, and the warmth of my husbands hugs and kisses. I have danced many times in various places and have felt amazing but not once have I felt something so positively strong on the inside of my soul that I did every single Shambhala night of 2008. I can’t express this enough. This was the best Shambhala ever.
PS: Our camera died the moment we got there. =(
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