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Where the heck did we disappear too?

Sorry to have been on such a hiatus. But really… we are not sorry! We’ve been really enjoying life and every moment of being home. Hope your summer was as awesome as ours.

Range of emotions while we are down to the wire


Currently feeling quite a range of emotions these last few days. Pretty much you name I probably feel it. Excitement for our adventure ahead, Exhilarated and non-stressed from not working anymore, Sad when I look at my cats and when my friends/family say they are going to miss me, Overwhelmed with making sure everything we need to do before […]

Things are on the up and up… and soon enough on our way out!!!


In the blink of an eye our trip planing frustrations have begun to diminish and we can see the end of this roller coaster ride! Lots of things to report. First and foremost: We are now showing our condo to potential renters! Yup, that’s right finally we have gotten somewhere with our condo board and being allowed […]

So I want to leave for a year…


I really wasn’t sure how this meeting was going to go. It could go either very good or very bad….

Announcement: The cat has left the bag.

Words that come out of my mouth are never practiced or pre-thought out. They just happen. Only once have I ever written down what I was going to say before I said it. My wedding vows. Which were created very last minute. It was 3 am the day before my wedding and I wrote them in bed. I always left my homework to the last minute as well. So of course that means I entered into that meeting with my boss not prepared at all.

Distractions, Distractions…


Scott and I  barely ever find time to work on our preparations during the week as we get distracted by simple things such as: Making dinner, cleaning the apartment, feeling tired, hanging out with friends and having fun. Our week nights often go like so: I get home around 5:30 pm. I start to do […]

Survey Says: It’s how you use it

If we were talking about a 7lb laptop that was a slower speed, sure it would. If you wanted to just throw the Air into a bag and carry it around to be sexy, sure that would work. But me, I think it’s all about how you use it and getting a far better experience and satisfaction is more important, isn’t it?

Does Size Matter?

Scott won a contest at his job. He is one of the 4 top outbound sales reps in his company and gets to select 1 pre-selected prize package worth $2000 each.  The Prize Package choices are: Macbook Air & Iphone 46″ Flat Panel LCD plus Blue Ray Disc Player 32″ Flat Panel LCD, Play Station […]

Two Words: Do It.

We went to my work’s end of the year party last weekend. It was located at the top of Grouse Mountain and oddly enough both of us had never been up there before even when it’s named as one of Vancouver’s top attractions.  We were quite surprised at how easy it was to get to […]

falling asleep


I was falling asleep at my desk this morning. I forgot my “Kick Ass” coffee that my wonderful husband poured for me on the counter. The flyer I’m working on already has it’s look and identity and thus I just have to copy and paste this feature promo’s products into the already created little square […]

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